Tattoo Artist Keone Nunes keeps Kakau style alive

There was a time when it seemed like the traditional Kakau style of tattooing seemed like it was a dying art. Now it’s making a comeback, and one Hawaii artist is leading the way. Subscribe to KITV on YouTube now for more:

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Omm Ganesha Tattoo Fusion Style : Latest Tattoos

Latest Ganesha Tattoo Styles. Stylish Omm Ganesha tattoo sketch.
Ganesha marks the start of positive and well beginnings.. What first tattoo than ganesha and “Omm” to complement the deep rooted “Spiritual Icon”. So presenting you the beginning – Ganesha Deity tattoo.

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Yakuza style Japanese tattoo art most beautyful

Yakuza style Japanese tattoo art most beautyful
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Centuries ago in the days of the Shogun, Japan’s authorities would mark criminals with tattoos to distinguish them from the rest of the population.
These highly visible tattoos usually took the form of a black ring around the arm; with rings added as convictions increased.
These marked men were usually discriminated against so they tended to stick together, eventually forming the organized, mafia-style gangs now known as “Yakuza”. Worn proudly as symbols of status and dedication, Yakuza tattoos have evolved into magnificent, multicolored full-body masterpieces.