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Medical Supplies to doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics, tattoo parlors, home health companies and more — is a very hot market. We are by far the lowest cost, high quality medical supplies distributor on the web. Our clients include the biggest names in healthcare — and our buying power means low prices on great products.Iremedy Healthcare .

Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Machines Gun 40 color Inks Power supply needles set D238 6

Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Machines Gun 40 color Inks Power supply needles set D238 6

Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Machines Gun 40 color Inks Power supply needles set D238-6

-Two high quality iron machine
-40 color inks
-The whole set of tattooing

Details: 1:1 Pair quality latex tattoo gloves – Great for hiding ink and blood, these black gloves are a must have! 2:100 ink cup 3:You will receive a 4-part stencil paper to trace your designs onto a stencil and apply to the skin. 4:You will receive a steel ink cap holder to keep your ink caps steady in your work area. 5:50 premium black nipple-style grommets,50 rubber machine o-rings,50 tattoo-machine rubber bands 6:1 set of steelless tips 3,5,7,9R 5,7,9,11F 7:2 non-slip professional tattoo machine grips. 8:1 Clip cord 9:foot pedal controller 10: 50 pre made sterile tattoo needles.(3,5,7,9RL)x5,(5,7,9RS)x5,(5,7,9Magnums)x5 11:One high quality power supply 12:1 set of color inks(40 colors)(5ml/bottle) Rose Pink/Peach/Soft Orange/Bright Orange/Tangering/Hard Orange/Dark Red/Dark Chocolate/Mario’s Blue/Kooland/Fuschia/Dark Purple/Mario’s Light Blue/True Magenta/Light Magenta/Skin Tone/Golden Yellow/Bananer Chean/Snow White Opaque/Lemon Yellow/Sunburn/Lollipop/Flesh/Cherry bomb/Bright red/Carol’s pink/Co co/Light brown/Medium brown/Bamboo/Teal /Nahama Blue/Hunter Green/Light Green/Lime Green/Silver/True Black/Light Purple/Grape/Dark Green 13:2 professional tattoo machines

When I open the boxed I was shocked on how much was in it, i recommend this idem to anyone who tattoos and need a good travel size kit.

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The S8 Red Kit in Action – Available @ Kingpin Tattoo Supply

Here is a quick demo of the S8 Red Kit with the Spirit Pocketjet Thermal Printer.

The S8 Red Kit is the industry’s first thermal-ready red tattoo stencil! Each RED kit includes 25 sheets of RED Tattoo Stencil Paper, 25 packets of RED Stencil Transfer Gel, and 25 packets of RED Tattooing Gel.

You can learn more about the S8 Red Kit here:

You can learn more about the Spirit Pocketjet here:

DISCLAIMER: This is a video advertisement. No tattoos were made in this video.