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Showing off your family’s photos couldn’t easier or prettier than with this Wood Slice Photo Transfer. Using temporary tattoo paper, you can transfer your images onto a thin slice of wood and display colorful photos in your home.

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How to use a transfer stencil for a home tattoo

This video shows you how to use the stencil and StencilStuff included in the newest version of the Stick And Poke Tattoo Kit. This is not thermal paper, rather freehand drawing stencil transfer paper.

stickandpoketattookit.com is where you can learn more about this product.

All products in the kit are quality professional tattoo artist materials & non-toxic & vegan!

Check em out: stickandpoketattookit.com.

Spirit Tattoo Transfer ReproFX – Spirit Pocketjet Thermal Printer – at PainfulPleasures.com

Spirit has partnered with Brother® to develop this extremely portable, easy to use thermal printer specially designed for Spirit™ thermal papers. This lightweight, compact, battery-powered* thermal printer helps artists easily connect to laptops or handheld devices, via USB, almost anywhere. Print crisp, vivid images via USB cable. Compatible with Windows® XP or later; Mac® OS 10.4 or later.
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DIY transfer paper

My orchid watercolor painting tutorial can be found here: http://www.mygrafico.com/learn-to-paint-tutorials/learn-to-paint-orchid-flowers-tutorial/prod_10109.html

I like to use graphite paper to transfer my drawings to may watercolor paper before painting because I don’t want to damage my expensive watercolor paper by erasing on it too much. Today I will show you how to make graphite transfer paper and save some money. You will pay a couple of dollars a sheet for this in an art store but you can make it yourself in minutes. It is even better than most brands you can buy because there is no wax that can mess up your painting.

You will need thin typing paper and a pencil or graphite stick.
Rub the graphite over the paper in a smooth even coating and use it just like any transfer or carbon paper. You can even erase your lines after you are done painting in watercolor if you like!

If you want a white transfer paper simply coat the paper with chalk, it will not last as long as the graphite paper (which will last for years) but it is even easier to make more as ordinary chalk can be colored broadly on it’s side, or you can just chalk the back of your pattern and transfer.

Let me know if you have any questions!
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Many of you have asked how, and now I pass down the knowledge from me to you.
Please understand this is just how I do it, although it may be incorrect, it is just how I personally do it.
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