Alec Falkenham BLTR tattoo removal – Update from Cipher Pharmaceuticals CEO

Cipher Pharmaceuticals CEO gives an update on Alec Falkenham’s BLTR (Bisphosphonate Liposomal Tattoo Removal) cream and the development time frame for its release.

Falkenham’s Bisphosphonate Lipsomal Tattoo Removal (BLTR) cream caused a media storm in 2015 when details of this potentially revolutionary tattoo removal cream were first revealed by Dalhousie University and Alec Falkenham. According to newspaper reports, Alec Falkenham developed this prototype cream while undertaking PhD research at Dalhousie University (Canada).

Alec Falkenhams BLTR tattoo removal cream is likely to be the first effective alternative to laser tattoo removal, which is still considered the gold standard in safe and effective removal of unwanted tattoos – if used properly.

While laser tattoo removal technology continues to develop quickly, Falkenhams BLTR removal cream generated huge interest because of its potential to be much cheaper, quicker and far less painful than laser tattoo removal – according to Falkenham.

In this video, Shawn O’Brien, the CEO of Cipher Pharmaceuticals – the company that purchased the rights to Alec Falkenhams BLTR cream earlier this year – points out that although the cream has shown positive and exciting results when tested on pigs ears, it still requires a lot more testing before it can be released for purchase by the general public. Potentially up to 10 years of testing, trials and approvals. Disappointing news for those of us looking to remove our unwanted tattoos quickly, but is there potential to get involved sooner? We really hope so!
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tattoos for girls 22 Creative Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs / tattoos update

tattoos for girls 22 Creative Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs
We all believe that dream catchers can help us to get rid of the bad dreams. You can hang them above your bed if you are having some troubles with sleeping recently. So there’s no wonder that some people would like to wear dream catcher tattoos. They look very beautiful and will have a magic power. Check out 22 creative dream catcher tattoo designs in this post and be ready to get inspired
The best place to put the dream catcher tattoo on your body is your back, which is large enough for all the details. You can find the web, beads, dangling feathers and birds in flight as the traditional adornments. If you want to look cool and unique, then it is great to have one small dream catcher tattoo on your each foot. Some quotes can be also added to emphasize the special meaning for the wearers
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Full Body Suit Tattoo Progress: Update 1

Full Body Suit Tattoo Progress: Update 1
I decided to make this video to show you guys my current tattoos, before fridays session! Hope you enjoyed!
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