How To Make Tattoo Machine at Home – Very Easy and Simple (Homemade Tattoo Gun with DC Motor)

Hi everyone, today I’m gonna show you how to make a tattoo machine at home. I hope you enjoyed my video.

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Very Bella ❤ Make Up & Tattoo Book ★ Very Bella Makyaj ve Dövme Kitabı

I’m testing Very Bella Make up and Tattoo Book! ❤ Very Bella yeni moda bu! İşte makyaj ve dövme kitabını sizler için test ettim!

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THE VERY BEST Heart TATTOOS Amazing Tattoo Designs!

Looking for a Quality Tattoo Design is over. Discover Your Perfect Tattoo in three simple steps!

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Very Funny, Stupid and Ugly Tattoos

Compilation: Very Funny, Stupid and Ugly Tattoos:

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Tattoos are meant to make people beautiful. However, sometimes, artists make ugly tattoos which are not always a disaster caused by the tattoo artist. There are some people who intentionally get such a tattoo design to attract attention of onlookers and ugly tattoos always live up to their expectations. And here are more than 40 pictures of the ugly tattoos I collected.

Take a look and enjoy!

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Wolf Tattoos very beautiful

Wolf tattoos

One of the most widespread tats in the world both among men and women are wolf design tattoos.
Wolf is regarded as a symbol of courage, endurance, fidelity, ability to adapt to the outside world, devoted attitude towards the family, its support and protection. a
Because of wolves’ intellect and strength, people always treated these animals with respect and fear, idolized and worshipped them. So mankind has never been indifferent towards these strong and symbolic creatures.

The wolf tattoo has a lot of meanings, but it will be really right choice only for strong, purposeful, independent and self-confident persons, only for them this tat becomes a true talisman. Weak, slow or indecisive persons should understand, that this wolf tattoo design isn’t for them.
Also wolf tattoo isn’t appropriate for people who often change partners both in love and in relations, as wolves symbolize loyalty to convictions, partners, family, enemies and friends.
There are a lot of variants of wolf’s depicting, such as:

howling wolf (usually at the full moon) – a symbol of loneliness, dark force, inner power, independence from society.
leaping wolf – means purposefulness, internal force, overcoming any obstacles.
running wolf – suggests love towards speed and risk, vindictiveness, achievement of goal at any cost.
wolf and his pack – a symbol of leadership (mostly alternative), devoted defender, ready to fight for family, friends, idea to the last breath.
white wolf – symbolizes severe single-handed warrior, not ordinary person even among ‘ friends ‘, who is ready to overcome insurmountable obstacles in order to achieve his goal.
flame wolf – means a demon, child of dark forces.
wolf with red eyes – a symbol of werewolf, dark magical force.
snarling wolf – is a sign of rage and cruelty.

Wolf Tattoos are usually applied on back or shoulders.

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A Very Messi Tattoo – Lionel Messi reveals new ‘Hands of Son’ tattoo

Lionel Messi has revealed a very messi new tattoo. Messi appeared at a UNICEF event in Buenos Aries on Thursday (21st March) – with a leg bandage hiding a new tattoo.

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Leo Messi fans may have been worried when he showcased a bandage around his left leg at a UNICEF event in Buenos Aires on Thursday.

However the Argentine forward wasn’t being cautious over an injury, rather covering up a new tattoo.

Along with his Barcelona team mate Javier Mascherano, Messi was promoting the UNICEF cause and helping to give babies like this the chance for a better life.

Clearly the effect of babies has rubbed off on the four time FIFA World Player of the Year – he’s had a small pair of hands and his baby son’s name ‘Thiago’ tattooed onto his left calf.

Messi grimaced through the inking process, but he managed to get through the procedure relatively unscathed.

With one Argentine great known for the ‘Hand of God’, Messi has gone in a new direction, showcasing the ‘Hands of Son’!

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Your very own temporary tattoo!

Your very own temporary tattoo!

If you’re interested, send inquiries AND PICTURES to for a price quote. Large tattoos and colored tattoos will cost more than the one in the video.

I can make tattoos up to 10 inches long and 8 inches wide.

To see the facebook pictures when they’re finished, go here: