Tattoo Artists & Advice : Side Effects of Tattoo Ink Poisoning

Getting poisoned tattoo ink is extremely unlikely given the sterile environment where tattoo ink is produced. Find out possible allergic reactions that can occur in some people because of tattoo ink pigments with information from an experienced tattoo artist in this free video on tattoo ink.

Expert: Lenny Welch
Bio: Lenny Welch has been tattooing for more than two decades. She owns Addicted 2 Tattoos Inc, a tattoo and piercing shop designed with women in mind.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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6 thoughts on “Tattoo Artists & Advice : Side Effects of Tattoo Ink Poisoning

  1. I think my cousin was allergic to black ink.  She got a tattoo with a little black in it.  4 months later… hit by a bus.

  2. I'm allergic to white ink tattoos.
    I had a Small one at my wirst and i got an infection and had to stay 2 days in Hospital.

  3. I draw on my hand at school and im paranoid its dangerous and I might get ink poisoning I know it sounds dumb but please reply

  4. i've never once heard reds for tattooing contain cadmium. If so, everybody with red ink will die from cancer because cadmium is a carcinogen. in painting, we always handle cadmium reds and yellows with gloves on.

  5. I've had a tattoo for 3 years about a foot long two lotus flowers in water the lower half of the tattoo got suuuuuuuupppper swollen and itchy one of the flowers but only half of the flower got swollen and only half of the pedals im freaking out i dont know what could be wrong if anyone has any ideas can you please let me know thanx =]

  6. @NoireBeaute alot of tattoos are raised off the skin my back tattoo is raised off the skin too but they said that its totally fine and they also said it could be caused by a little bit too much ink in the skin , hope i helped 🙂

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