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  1. Do you live in the UK? Ever fancied appearing on TV? As well as Semi
    permanent makeup, Redeem are well know for our tattoo removal expertise and
    have been approached by Channel 4 to possibly appear on their Body Shockers
    program. They are wanting to film people having their tattoos removed and
    are looking for people that want large/funny or misspelt tattoos removing.
    Successful applicants will have a full course of treatments for FREE, so if
    you’re interested or know of someone else that could be then please email
    mikec@sd2.co.uk with details and photo of tattoo.

  2. Hi Laura thank you for the video I have a quick question if the regular
    tattoo is deeper into the dermal layer and your permanent make up machine
    needle does not have the same depth inserted in, for example it’s a 1.5 mm
    depth, then how is the solution reaching the original tattoo? Thank you for

  3. Rejuvi Tattoo Remover – это суспензия, изготовленная по специальной
    формуле, содержащая в своем составе как производные от оксидов металлов так
    и их переходные состояния в размерах, соответствующих красящим пигментам.
    Помимо схожести в физических свойствах, имеется схожесть в химическом
    составе, что предполагает родство элементов, их хорошую смешиваемость.
    Поговорка «Клин клином вышибают» как нельзя лучше отражает основной принцип
    Во время физического контакта (непосредственно под кожей), красящие
    пигменты, имеющие идентичные свойства, без проблем смешиваются с суспензией
    Rejuvi. В виду схожести свойств, суспензия, как и пигменты, несовместима с
    тканями, но, благодаря своему специальному составу, не остается под кожей,
    а отторгается и выводится наружу (на поверхности кожи образуется,
    отпадающая со временем, корка).

  4. Hey people!!! Do not buy this shit!!!! That is a bull shit!!! I try that
    cream on my skin..and get a blood poisoning and do not remove nothing!!!!!!
    And area around the place is red all ready 2 month!!!! I would kill that
    mother fucker who recommend that poisoning! 

  5. Hello there, I’m so glad you’ve posted a video about the Rejuvi process.
    I’m from Mexico and I’m so regretful to my newest tattoo and I want to
    remove it. I’ve been looking for tattoo removal procedures and to me this
    is the best one. Though there might be some scars, I’m willing to be under
    this way to remove my tattoos. I cannot go overseas to make an appointment
    and start the treatment with you but I found two places in Mexico where I
    can got and have the procedure.

  6. They have the Rejuvi permissions and so. My main intention here is to thank
    you to make an effort and post videos related to the process. Yes, there a
    few videos and pics which are bad quality and the do not give the process a
    good review. I hope you keep posting videos related to the Rejuvi tattoo
    removal. Congratulations, though 🙂

  7. hi, i have a tattoo which i regretted putting it an i even thought about
    burning it im from morocco can you please tell me how to get this cream

  8. Hi Thanks for your comments. Redeem now also offer Laser Tattoo removal yet
    only as a means of servicing all our client requirements, we still believe
    our Rejuvi process gives a better more comprehensive service than laser,
    less treatments, removes all colour (unlike laser), less painful and less
    costly. In the right hands Rejuvi should also offer less scar risk than
    laser. Have you seen our longer and more comprehensive video on Youtube?

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