Tattoo Talk Tuesday! Tattoo Conventions!

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What is the tattoo convention?
Is it legal to be tattooed at the tattoo convention?
What screening do tattoo artist go through in order to be able to tattoo at the tattoo convention?
How much did it cost to get into the tattoo convention?
What do people do at tattoo conventions?
Do you have to be a tattooed person to enjoy the tattoo convention?
Did your boyfriend(who has no tattoos) have a fun time at the tattoo convention?
Did Your boyfriend get a tattoo?
Did you see anyone famous? Did you see anyone from Ink Masters? Did you talk to them?
What happens at the performance stage?
Did you get a tattoo at the tattoo convention?
Is it improper etiquette to get more than one tattoo from a different artist in one day?
How do you get a tattoo at the tattoo convention?
Do you have to make an appointment?
How do “walk-ups” work?
How much do tattoos cost a tattoo conventions?
Our tattoos a tattoo conventions more expensive or cheaper?
Where do you get your tattoo flash that you hang on your wall?
How is getting tattooed in a convention different from getting tattooed in a tattoo shop?
How do I know if I’m the right person to get tattooed at a convention?
What do you bring to the convention and how do you prepare yourself for the convention?
Do you show off your own tattoos at the convention?
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20 thoughts on “Tattoo Talk Tuesday! Tattoo Conventions!

  1. I am the same way with my tattoos…I know where I want them but I'm always open to my artist ideas and mixing them with my stuff

  2. I'm tattooed but have never been to a convention (because I live in the middle of nowhere, dammit)…I feel like it might be a super cool experience, but could also be a total dud, depending on the day and such. The closest to me (still 4+ hours' drive) are Atlanta and New Orleans–any thoughts? Thanks!

  3. Hey Qcknd!I was shopping Society6 and Derek Hooper is sells a few prints there too! It made me think about you. Love your videos, keep it up! xoxo

  4. Where I live (Halifax, NS) we have the Maritime Tattoo Festival each year, and a lot of the artists actually have access to a printer which helps make stencils the correct size, a lot will also be able to bring their laptops and create stuff with references. Most artists who do sternum tattoos at the MTF will tap gauze or medical bandages over the nipples for some privacy. And thankfully most of the artists are able to bring in whatever (for the most part) what they want. Ours is kind of small, so we don't get back checks or searched.

    I normally try to lay up also. Shorts, dress/flowy pants, tank top, long sleeve/sweater. Water, snacks, etc. If I make an appointment for the next day, I'll bring whatever I need. Bring cash too!

  5. I am hoping to catch a convention this year, it will be my first and I've been collecting for for almost 13 years! Love your crying girl I have something similar planned to match the heart shaped guy I have on my thigh. I love your videos been binge watching them all week :)

  6. I saw David I think his name is from the tattoo show that Dave Navarro does or did. He's actually one of the judges and he also worked with Kat von D. I guess he still lives here in Miami cause I saw him at a Disney store in Orlando lol. so that was super cool, he was with his daughter and he looks really good in person.

  7. Yesterday, I went to a tattoo convention for the first time. I actually did look up the artists on instagram and e-mailed my most favourite one for an appointment. Now i got a beautiful tattoo by an artist I'll need to cross the border for (I live in germany – he in the netherlands) but hey, it's only 2.5 hours by car. It's a great way to find new, awesome artists! Seen much interesting stuff and it was kind of an interesting experience to be tattooed so much in the open space.

    Thank you for this awesome video! I love all your videos <3

  8. I know you said you were going to target to get frames, but I'm a custom framer and seeing all the tattoo flash you got has me wishing I could have framed it!

  9. Hey Qcknd, do you think you could ever do a video talking about traveling for tattoos? Because what happens when you find a tattoo artist that you love but they might live across the country or even the globe. You've said you traveled to Quebec (I think?) to get tattooed by this one person you loved. What's your experience on traveling for tattoos? And also, what if you're getting a really REALLY big tattoo all over your body and you have to do it in multiple sessions, BUT your tattoo artist is across the country. Do you have any advice or experiences on that? Sorry for the super long winded question, it's just something that's on my mind since I am possibly going to be in a similar situation in the future. =P Love your vids (and love that you're vegan!). Thanks for reading. (waves)

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