Tattoo Topic – Annoying Things Clients Do

Check out Sullen TV’s Tattoo Topic as Bernadette Macias asks some of the top tattoo artists in the industry about what annoys them most while tattooing clients!


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Abey Alvarez – Born in East Los Angeles and raised in Pomona, California. Abey works for Lowrider Tattoo, and he would not have it any other way. Abey specializes in Black and Grey (Realism).

Big Sleeps: Sleep has been tattooing since the late ’80’s. Sleeps maintains a humble, speaking to local Los Angeles at-risk youth and working with Second Chance, a company which works with Homeboy Industries to give rehabilitated former prisoners employment opportunities.

Big Meas: All of the years of writing graffiti has definitely impacted Big Meas’ fascination with drawing letters. Big Meas currently works at Distinction Tattoo in Dayton, OH.

Carl Grace began tattooing in 1998 with a tattoo apprenticeship under Boston John at Skin Grafix in Arcadia, California. Since 2009, Carl has attended over 100 tattoo conventions as an artist and has been a featured guest artist in many tattoo shops around the country.

Gunnar was born in New Britain, Connecticut in 1974 and grew up in the “Constitution State beginning his professional tattoo career in 1997. When he is not on the road, Gunnar makes his home at High Street Tattoo in Columbus.

Jack Rudy is an American tattoo artist notable for his reinvention of the ‘Black and Gray’ style of tattooing, realistic portraits, and single-needle use. He is considered to be one of the top tattoo artists in the world. He is the owner of Tattooland, an ‘old school’ street shop, located in Anaheim, California.

Jess Yen: With over 16 years of tattooing experience, Jess Yen is the fearless leader and creator of My Tattoo Family. His specialties are Oriental body suit and realistic portraits in both color and black & gray. He is known as a master of New School Oriental art style.

Traveling the globe, Jime Litwalk has gained worldwide recognition for his unique animated style of tattooing. Currently working in Orlando, FL at Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. & Steadfast Brand.

Joe Capobianco: For over 20 years Joe has utilized various techniques and mediums in order to create some of the most fascinating pinup style pieces, resembling those of the late 1950s with an added modern flair. Known as the “Capo Gal”, Joe opened Hope Gallery in New Haven, CT in 2003 and is also the head judge on the hit TV show – BEST INK.

Joey Germanario is hoping to revitalize the image of the tattoo industry with a new show on Spike TV called “Tattoo Rescue.” Germanario, known as Joey Tattoo, said, “There’s nothing more rewarding than putting your artwork on someone that they’ll wear for the rest of their lives.”

Josh Duffy: I was born an artist. I wouldn’t be doing what I do without the two biggest inspirations in my life, Family (and friends), and HEAVY METAL!

Josh Woods: Opened Black 13 Tattoo Parlor in Nashville, TN with his business partner Doy Gardner. Him and Doy are constantly working hard day in and day out to push the boundaries of tattooing on every level.

Liz Cook: Artist and tattooer based out of Dallas, TX co-owner of Rebel Muse Tattoo Studio. Specializing in Realism, Portraits, Horror, Pin Ups.

Mario Rosena: Co-owner of Art Junkies and creator of Stencil Stuff. Mario has been tattooing for the past 10 + years.

Megan Jean Morris, the owner of Painted Souls Tattoo, is a tattoo artist and a painter. She specializes in portraits, realism, and surrealism in black and grey or color.

Mike DeMasi: Tattoo Artist at Art Junkies Tattoo Studio. Nicknamed Yoda, awarded by some of Mike DeMasi’s closest friends.

Rember Orellana: Born in Guatemala. My style involves a lot of realism, but I like to incorporate different abstract elements to my work, mainly gothic architecture. I am based out of Dallas, Texas at Rebel Muse Tattoo Studio.

Ryan Mullins has only been tattooing since 2010 and he has already inspired and motivated Tattooer’s and Painters from around the globe. His hard work and dedication to his art is definitely reflected in the amazing drawings and paintings that he produces.

TattooIsh Specializes in realism, either color or Black and Grey. Most of his work is custom, freehand and involves a lot of preparation by the Collectors part and by ISH, as he calls it a “Collaboration by the Individuals involved”

Timmy B has been tattooing for almost 9 years now. Timmy B is part owner of Tattoo Afterlife in Huntington NY and has 4 cats.

Johnny Quintana specializes in black and grey realism artwork. He currently tattoos out of the Ink Shop Parlor in Arcadia, CA.

20 thoughts on “Tattoo Topic – Annoying Things Clients Do

  1. The guy who was saying it's annoying when people are specific and know what they want, well duh it's going to be in their body forever, obviously they want to be specific of what they want lol

  2. I do not understand why everyone is saying the artists are dicks? You are paying them for art. You are a customer, they are the talent. You are paying them to put something that will last forever on your body, and I get how that would make someone feel a little entitled…But you wouldn't go to a famous artist's show and start picking at his artwork. "I won't buy your painting unless you fix this and do this…" no. You are paying the artist to make art. If the artist doesn't think it will look good, they are probably right. It's all about trust. Your personal ignorance on what it takes to actually tattoo somebody and what your entitled actions mean for your experience shouldn't be blamed on the artist. They are good at what they do and that is why you pay them. If you want an amazing tattoo, shut up and listen to the artist. They are only trying to help. If you do not want to pay for an artist to tattoo you and would rather just pay for an instrument to put that shitty Duck Dynasty tattoo on your ass, there is usually at least one tattoo "artist" in any town that will take you to their bedroom in their moms house and slap any old thing on you for a super cheap price! Good Luck with that. :)

  3. The tattoo is stuck on the client's body FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE!! I think that they're allowed to get a say in what they want. They are allowed to be picky, they have to deal with it permanently

  4. Fuck some of these guys. Actually most of them. Cause I paid money for something that's permanent on my body. Some old fucking hermit telling me. He hates when the customer is involved. You're providing a service. And when I pay for a service. I want it how I want it. So that old dude can fuck himself raw

  5. I'm in love with Jime Litwalk. I first saw him on the show Ink master, where I fell in love with his New School style. One of my dreams is to get tattoed by him at one point give him a theme and let him chose the rest. Though that will probably not happen since i live in Europe xD

  6. Some of these artists are douches. I get you're good at what you do, but you should want your clients watching the tattoo if it's an area and position they can. It's a cool experience seeing the tattoo take shape before your eyes and makes sitting easier. I get the rest of the gripes, like not showing up, not paying, and moving around too much though.

  7. He gets annoyed by people having exact ideas for their tattoo? I mean it will be on MY body, so yes I want I to look exactly like I told you.

  8. I have an half-sleeve covered I really respect the work of my artist. Most of these tattoo artists were kinda douchy. The wisest one was the asian dude, top notch speech near the end.

  9. The guy at the 3rd minute is the most reasonable and balanced person.
    I mean the others were saying its annoying if I take a look at whats going to stick on my body forever…

  10. The only time I look at the tat while being tattoed is at the end of the session and I can't stand the pain anymore. It is to see how much is done and even then I try not to bother him. Otherwise you do not need to inspect the guy's work. You are already under the knife so sit back, relax and let them do their job. If you do not trust him/her in first place then don't do the tattoo at all. I remember I aslo asked the guy if it was fine talking to him during the time. So we chit chat a bit and the rest of the time I keep it to myself. Common sense, guys, common sense.

  11. ive sat for 6 hrs non stop sometimes, im gonna fucking stare at the progress not just sit quietly and stare at the fucking floor for 6 hrs non stop lol jfc what primadonnas they artists are

  12. i really like the guy that said you have to be patience and think about the client (pain hes paying etc) im pretty much covered and i think some of the comments of the tattooists are rude, like ppl glancing at their tattoo as its getting done, ofc u wanna look youre happy u getting it done and wanna see the progress and also make sure it looks how u want it, its on your fucking body you do have some say

  13. Some artist charge 4/5/6 digits for a painting, so to have a real art piece for life on your body, i never really think 150 dollars an hour is expensive

  14. Bunch of crybaby nazi punks, if I am getting something permanently marked on MY body I – I and only I – ONLY I – will decide what is on my body, I will supervise and I will tell them how and what to do, they will damn well do it or they can lose a client. You are not Michelangelo and my skin is not your canvas, it is MY canvas. If I hire you, I hire you for your skill at drawing >WHAT I WANT< on my body, not what you want or your personal artistic creativity, you have NO 'artistic license' on the client's body unless that client tells you so.

    And if that dipshit bumped my face he would be lucky if he didn't go to the hospital, let alone getting to finish and get paid.

    Fucking pierced up graffiti covered socio-fascist human pincushion "alternative (like all the others)" clone cunts.

  15. erm not giving you freedom? if they know exactly what they want to wear on their skin for the rest of their life who are you to tell them otherwise?

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