12 thoughts on “The Marine Corps: Tattoos

  1. Lol KKK on your chest. You crack me up man, but thanks for this video! I
    really want tattoos but ill wait for sure to see what the rules are when i
    go in next year.

  2. Well i dont plan on getting any tattoos for a long time, so im good. You
    said dont get in trouble with the law to another comment asking what to do
    to impress, would like traffic violations apply (ex. speeding, driving past
    curfew, or driving minors before you’re allowed)

  3. Any advice on how to impress the recruiter and get selected out of all the
    other people who want to join now days? Since it’s getting harder to be
    accepted like you said

  4. I have only god can judge me on my back and got DQ’d… Because they said
    that meaning is “gang related”

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