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A compilation of some of the most beautiful tattoos for women in 2016, from intricate geometric designs to colourful floral designs. Let me know which one was your favourite in the comments section below!

Traditional , American Traditional or Old School tattoo styles can be recognised by the use of solid black outlines and limited use of colour.
Popular traditional imagery includes roses, hearts, nautical, eagles, skulls, daggers and women’s heads.
The Neo Traditional style has bold outlines, precise shading and close attention to detail- some use of colour and blending. Has a 2D layout with limited symbology.
Japanese Tattoo style dates back to 10,000 BCE. Tattoo designs often cover large areas of the body such as the back, arms or legs. Imaginary includes cherry blossoms, koi fish, lotus flowers, dragons, war, dogs and geishas.
Geometric tattoos are geometric in style, using symmetry and repetition and colour.
Dotwork tattoos uses intricate designs and tiny dots for areas of shading.
Watercolour tattoos make use of bright streaks of colour and mimic water colour paintings.
Script tattoos utilise all fonts and are typically swirly and detailed.
Realism tattoos aim to be realistic, looking like photographs. These tattoos require a high level of skill and good realism tattoos are expensive. Attention to detail is required much like fine art.
The oldest style is the Tribal Tattoo which is nearly always black and symmetric or geometric in nature.
New School / Nu Skool tattoo style resemble cartoons – utilising bright colours-exaggerated dimensions and features.
Other classic tattoo styles: Classic Americana, Black and Grey, Portraiture, Stick and Poke, Blackwork, Biomechanical, Realistic Trash Polka and Surrealism.

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  1. There is, at least for me, a point where tats become a distraction from the beauty nature put in the woman. too much coverage distracts from the already magnificent form of the women involved

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