25 thoughts on “United States Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon 2013

  1. Very well done! Great timing and coordination. I’m sure watching this in
    person is much better though.
    Thanks for sharing!

    A VERY SPECIAL breed of Marines.
    They execute their skill with precision and dedication. They are away from
    their family’s and Country time after time. To commit themselves to be
    flawless and exact in every thing they do, represent one of the Corps
    oldest tradition, COMMITMENT!

  3. You know, I always wondered: What’s the point?
    Sure, the guys are really good and the drill looks awesome, but is there
    any practical reason? I’m fairly far from military, but if I was in charge
    of these guys, I’d spent more time on firing range, than on parade ground.
    Coming from a russian, our military is getting ridiculous on parades, and
    they always left me wondering as well.

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