20 thoughts on “Update Tattoo Removal

  1. I believe i can be somewhat of use to you.. after fucking you in the asshole, let my love run down your leg and heal the tattoo on your foot…

  2. I would love it if you could do an update on your tattoo removal process now please 🙂 I'm really curious on your progress because I'm just about to start the process of getting mine removed!

  3. Thank you for this videos, hopefully it will stop stupid tattoo placing without thinking. The clinics are making a fortune on teenagers' idiocies.

  4. I love my tattoos and i thinked alot where they  should be  and what kind of >a butterfly and chinese sign: stands for my birth of year >dog

  5. I think I would have kept it.. 9t is like down on the foot, not many will even notice it… In the UK u wear shoes that hide the tattoo most of the year.. Why put urself through this pain when it doesn`t really make a difference? LOL… But of course, it might do to u, and I respect that.. I just feel so bad for u poor thing.

  6. Glad this is going well for you Nic. I'm also having a tattoo removed from my foot but it's in colour so will never completely go. It also goes halfway up my ankle! I'll be having my 5th session this week but the black had faded really well. Apparently it helps that I wear boots most of the time as the rubbing action helps the ink to dissipate. All I'll say is if you're sure you want a tattoo (and I have 8) just go to the best artist you can find regardless of cost. Save until you can afford it people!

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