25 thoughts on “USAF Honor Guard Drill Team – Norwegian Military Tattoo 2012

  1. thanks for writing back.if you are speaking of the ceremony,then i kind of
    see your point. if you are speaking of the respective drill teams then i
    disagree.the drill you mentioned was neither silent,unusually complicated
    nor dangerous in its execution (though well syncronized during the
    ripples).i enjoyed the HMKG drill team thoroughly but not even They compare
    to the USAF silent drill.good drill should include elements of
    trust,danger,precision,and complication of execution.

  2. Norwegians are so nice! They even clapped to the Gauntlet! I’ve never seen
    an American Crowd do that. 🙁 Motivation is great.

  3. WOW!!! I am out of words to say something.. Stunning, awesome,
    incredible..are nothing to describe this magnificent demonstration by the
    United States Air Force. Best of the world.

  4. Kudos to the Yanks for this. Looks very very difficult and just, if not
    more, impressive than anything our guys can do. I’d love to have the
    bollocks and the skill to do anything like this. Keep it up!

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