Your Biggest Tattoo Questions Answered by a Real Tattooer! by CHERRY DOLLFACE

Here I answer your most pressing questions about tattoos with my friend, Mister Jeffery Page, from California Gold Tattoo in Hollywood, CA!

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20 thoughts on “Your Biggest Tattoo Questions Answered by a Real Tattooer! by CHERRY DOLLFACE

  1. This is interesting! Thanks for this. My feeling on bringing in others drawings for tattoo artists to do is that it's rude. Just my personal opinion. Why not have the artist create something unique for you?

  2. I love the 'What's Coming Up!' feature you have added to the end of your videos, it gets me excited for the upcoming content!Β 

  3. can scars be tattooed over, i am not talking like raised scars but very faded ones? ones that basically look like a pale line on your skin (long story but i want a tattoo, well kind of "collage" of things there to cover the scars)

  4. when i went into tattoo shops, my biggest things were wheelchair accessible and were clean, thankfully i had the support of my parents when getting my tattoo/s and finding the store, i asked the store i found who would be best at the style i want, well the lady i always speak to lets me know who is best, even if i look at portfolios i trust my tattoo shop best xx i was actually surprised on my healing time, took 3 days to begin pealing and then done by day 5 and only a 1/3 inch of scabbing i was preparing for the entire thing to scab! hehe i was told to use bepanthen and honestly it worked best for me, also i use warm water to clean it, i for some reason missed the "warm soapy water" lol but warm water worked fine for me

  5. I'm getting the word 'EXTERMINATE' tattooed on the inner side of my finger on my birthday, and this totally answered my question about how to let it heal so thank you πŸ˜€

    (It's a doctor who reference, not anything bad… although the aliens that say it are bad…. :/ )

  6. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo, however i m a frequent sailor so I'm always in a mist of salt water, does that affect the tattoo and fading?
    Also if u get a tattoo somewhere you shave does it fade the tattoo???

  7. The worst place that I had major trouble healing was my calves. They were brutal. All section of my arms minus a bit in the ditch area healed perfect…..even some after ten years are still bright!

  8. They probably should have moved the empty Bulleit Rye bottle out of the shot before filming- eeek, hahaha

  9. I'm actually looking for an artist for my pinup mermaid tattoo! I'm def gonna look them up! Thank you

  10. I'm planning on getting a tattoo that's essentially right where my bra would sit (or as I've been describing it, "Real classy, you know, right under the boob). It would be my first one. I know you shouldn't wear tight clothing or anything as it's healing but I don't like going braless in public because nipples. What should I wear instead? I was thinking a sports bra or bralette that's not too tight or those flower petal things just to hide the nips. I figured you would know what to do.

  11. Ah I really want a stack of teacups tattooed on my leg but I'm too scared πŸ˜› Also my parents would kill me (even though I've moved out and am 24…) This video was brilliantly informative! Very well done, as usual xx

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